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Travel Wash Cup Set Portable Mouthwash Cup Bottling Set(5-piece Set)
Price RM54.3 RM79.9
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1. Material: ABS
2. The 5-piece set includes: a wash cup, two bottles, a comb, a mirror
3. Only the size of a mineral water bottle, easy to carry and go out without taking up space
4. Partition storage, clean and tidy to avoid cross infection
5. Single cylinder 60ml, can be taken on the plane
6. Sealed and leak-proof, will not stain the suitcase
7. 1.5 cm water injection port for sub-bottling, convenient for filling
8. With a 9 cm straw, it goes straight into the bottom of the bottle without wasting lotion
9. Weight: about 230 grams
10. Size: 20x6.8 cm

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