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Mini Fan
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1. Material: flame retardant engineering plastic
2. Rated voltage: 220V-50HZ
3. Heating power: 700W, cold air power: 10W
4. Product size: 125x78x300 mm
5. It is small and does not occupies a lot of space.
6. The whole machine can be cleaned without dead ends, and no blades will not hurt hands
7. Anti-dumping switch, safer to protect the body
8. Overheating temperature control protection, escort for safety


1. Fan blade material: ABS
2. Battery capacity: 2500 mAh
3. Input: 5V-800mA
4. Take it with you and free your hands
5. High-power motor with strong wind
6. High-definition digital display
7. With stand function, can be placed on the desktop
8. The length of the lanyard is adjustable
9. Weight: 133g
10. Packing size: 147x85x35 mm


1. Material: ABS+silicone+electronic components
2. Charging time: 3.5 hours
3. Working time: about 60-200 minutes
4. Battery capacity: 1500mAh
5. Switch type: knob type
6. Dimensions: 19x8.4x3.65cm
7. Double leaf hook fan, easy to carry
8. Portable charging, blowing while charging
9. Standard USB charging interface, support multiple charging modes
10. Stable at a constant speed, making the simulated natural wind softer


1. Material: ABS + GF + PC
2. Power: 5W
3. Product size: 109X109X293 mm
4. Gross weight: 575 grams
5. Power supply mode: USB power supply
6. Water tank capacity: 220 ml
7. Long spray mode automatically shuts off in 3 hours, indirect spray timing automatically shuts off in 6 hours
8. Three-level high wind force, regular spray, reduce dry heat, mute and cool, simulate natural wind; 60 wind guide blades, large wide angle, farther air supply; retro toggle switch, electroplated three-dimensional mask, elegant design


1. Material: Plastic
2. Weight: 700 g
3. Dimensions: 18.8 x 9 x 3.5 cm
4. Features: light and portable, long battery life, quiet and comfortable, leafless fan, strong wind force
5. Battery capacity: 2000 mah
6. Power supply: USB charging


1. Rated voltage: DC 5(V)
2. Dimensions: 11x8.8x5.3cm
3. Power supply method: USB interface
4. High tenacity nylon brush, clean, motivated and durable
5. Power switch, one-key start, simple operation
6. Double suction port, two modes, switch at will
7. Wireless handheld, portable and compact


1. Material: ABS + electronic components
2. Dimensions: 11x8.5x5.5cm
3. Power supply method: 2 No. 5 batteries (need to be provided)
4. One-click start, convenient and fast
5. High tenacity nylon brush, clean, motivated and durable


1. Voltage:DC 5V
2. Electric current:0.8A(MAX)
3. Rated power:4W(MAX)
4. Battery capacity:2500 mAh
5. Using time:First gear 10h/Second gear 4.5h/Third gear 3h
6. Product weight:200g
7. Material:ABS+PP+Electronic cmponnent
8. Including:Fan*1,Charging Cable*1,User Manual*1


A small fan helps to reduce heat / Desk lamp .



1. Heats up quickly for when you come into the house or work place on those cold days.
2. Small, portable, and does not take up space.
3. Intelligent temperature control, long-term power saving.
4. No light, no open flame, no glare.
5. Rated voltage: 220V, rated power: 600W, power cable: 100cm
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.54kgs / 1.18lb
Qty per Carton 15
Carton Weight 9.08kgs / 20.02lb
Carton Size 48cm * 40cm * 38cm / 18.9inch * 15.75inch * 14.96inch
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