DVZ Cubilose Fruit Vegetable Mixed Powder& Plant Enzyme Probiotic Tablets
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Size (L x W x H) 23 cm x 6.5 cm x 18.5 cm
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Adult, children and old people. It is not recommended to eat when prenancy and lactation requiring high nutrition The product is not suitable for people with gastrointestinal diseases.


Cubilose Fruit-Vegetable Vegetarian Solid Drink: cubilose, fruit-vegetable powder(walnut powder, spinach powder, Chinese yam powder, white fruit powder, barley powder), oats, corn, sweet potato, black soya bean, black sesame, purple yam, red jujube, walnut, SDFF, maltodextrin, food additives(xylitol), Plant Probiotics Enzymes Tablet: edible glucose, fermented fruit plant powder(orange, banana, apple, pineapple, grape, spinach, strawberry, tomato, lemon, wax gourd, guava, bitter gourd, corn, sweet potato leave, carambola, parsley, black soya bean, watermelon, bean), white kidney bean, semen cassiae, lotus leaf, semen pruni, probiotics powder(Lactobacillus helveticus Rosell-52, Lactobacillus plantarum Rosell-1012, bifidobacterium longum Rosell-175, the content of live bacteria in each bag is 10 billion when leaving factory), collagen powder, maltodextrin, food additives, flavouring agent.


Energy and Nutrition Supply, Detoxification, Conditioning High Blood Pressure& High Blood Fatness& High Blood Sugar, Moisturizing dry-heat by clearing the bowels, Shaping Body, Fat Inhibition, Anti-Aging, Functional Energizing


Cubilose Fruit-Vegetable Vegetarian Solid Drink: Take a bag of this product, add about 150ml warm water(about 60℃, and stir evenly and well, eat it when it is not hot in the mouth(finish eating in fluid). Plant Probiotics Enzymes Tablet: Chew or swallow, once a day, one-two tablets per time(eat with 150ml warm water).


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