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1. Weight measurement range: 0.2 kg - 180 kg
2. Battery: AAA battery (not included)
3. Dimensions: 290x260x27 mm
4. Weight: 1.3 kg
5. 24 items of body data can be measured
6. LCD liquid crystal display, 5mm thick tempered glass


1. Material: glass liner, PP shell, silicone ring
2. Process: Vacuum insulation process
3. Capacity: 1500ml
4. Color: white, red, purple, yellow, pink
5. Size: 17x25.5cm
6. Weight: about 530g

1. Technology red bile insulation, 60 hours temperature control
2. One key to open, pouring water effortlessly
3. Healthy selection, use with confidence


1. Body material: Food-grade plastic
2. Liner material: Coating
3. Capacity: 1.5L
4. Weight: 1.6 (KG)
5. Power: 600W
6. Dimensions: 31x16x18cm
7. Rated voltage: 220V
8. Applicable number: 1 to 2
9. Food grade non-stick coating, non-stick pan, easy to clean, healthy, non-toxic and harmless
10. Visible glass cover, visible food, view at any time, no need to cover
11. Two gear power adjustment, low power, no trip for dormitory


1. Liner material: Stainless steel
2. Body material: Plastic
3. Rated voltage: 220 (V)
4. Dimensions: 285x155x195 mm
5. Rated frequency: 50 (HZ)
6. Rated power: 300 (W)
7. Applicable number: 1-2 people
8. Vacuum seal, do not worry about spreading vegetable juice
9. The upper and lower double layers can be disassembled, the food is heated without odor

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