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1. Product material: wood+ plywood
2. Applicable age: 36 months+
3. Function: intelligence development, numbers cognition, training reaction ability
4. Packing size: 24*15*14.5cm
5. Product weight: 0.75kg
6. Precautions: It is forbidden to wash with water. The toy will swell and deform when exposed to water, causing the paint to fall off; wipe the surface with a clean cloth or handkerchief; do not place it in a damp place, keep it in a ventilated place


1. Material:fabric
2. Treatment process: purely handmade
3. Adopt full cloth covered duckbill clip, which will not harm baby's scalp
4. Attached with storage belt, it is more convenient and convenient to organize
5. Size: The storage bag is about 48 cm long The big clip is about 5 cm long The small clip is about 3.5 cm long The headband is about 3 cm long
6. Weight: 100g


1. Material: ABS
2. No leakage
3. Endurance
4. Safe and non-toxic
5. Convenient strap, non-slip and easy to grip
6. Soft light
7. Dynamic music
8. Independent bubble liquid device (not include bubble water)
9. Safety leakproof, sealed structure
10. Powered by 3 x AA batteries (not included)
11. Dimensions: Penguin: 15x7.5x11cm, Chick: 14x7.5x11.5cm
12. Weight: about 200g


1. Weight: 200g
2. Dimensions: dolphin 28×9.5×16 cm
3. Material: ABS
4. Applicable age: 3 years old and above
5. Features: unique shape, beautiful and fun, environmentally friendly and safe material without odor, smooth and round surface does not hurt hands, can float on the water surface, durable
6. Description: one set contains 1 dolphin fishing net and 3 small fish


1. Material: Plastic
2. Net weight: 390 grams
3. Size: minimum 0.45 meters, can be extended to 1.1m
4. Packing size: 23X7X28cm
5. Applicable age: 3 years old and above
6. The inside of the tire base is hollow, easy to carry, and the inside can be filled with water, sand and other items to make the basketball rack more stable
7. The material of the basket baffle is firm and not easy to fold, and the edge of the ball frame is smooth without burrs


1. Material: ABS environmental protection material
2. Function: puzzle, multi-function angle adjustment, inertial driving
3. Real car restoration, multi-angle movable
4. Fire truck set: crane/fire truck/rescue truck/sprinkler truck/ladder truck/lift truck
5. Sanitation truck set: compression truck/swing arm truck/storage truck/dump truck/lift truck/vacuum truck
6. Engineering truck set: mixer truck/crane/dozer/dump truck/excavator/cloud ladder truck
7. Packing size: 80x10x30 cm


1. Weight: single about 149.3g
2. Single size: 17×7.5 cm, open 27.5×7.5 cm
3. Material: ABS plastic
4. Applicable age: 18 months and above
5. Features: unique shape, beautiful and fun, environmentally friendly and safe material, non-toxic, smooth and round surface does not hurt hands, exercise baby's hand-eye coordination and other abilities, pump out water, anti-collision and drop, wear-resistant and durable
6. Style: cartoon fun

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